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Blackstar Management is a dynamic company that has a multi-skilled team of managers with significant expertise and capabilities in tender management, management systems and business intelligence.

Through our tender management services, Blackstar can maximise your ability to identify and secure profitable business, while the application of our management systems can ensure operational success is delivered.

Blackstar has an underlying philosophy of adding value in everything that we do for our clients. Having reviewed a potential project, our primary objective is to understand our capacity to add value to the process. We like to have a clear vision of the positive contribution that we can add to a project prior to engagement.

At Blackstar we welcome a partnership approach, as we believe it provides the ability to achieve great potential thought the power of combining complementary resources. We like to align our interest's with our clients', through working relationships which combine resources and competencies, while also sharing risks towards achieving agreed objectives.

Our key management personnel have decades of experience in the areas of tender management and management systems. The management team has worked on dozens of tenders, many of which have been successful in delivering new business worth millions of euro.

We have successfully secured and delivered contracts with both public and private companies, on a national and multi-national scale.

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Our Services

Tender Management

Blackstar is a leader in providing value added tender management services to our clients by creating successful partnerships to identify new tender opportunities and to develop high quality proposals to maximise the opportunity to secure new business. We have a track record of writing tenders that score very highly against the evaluation criteria, emphasizing the unique selling points of the tender and maximising the tender success rate.

Management Systems

A management system is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organisation can fulfil all tasks required to achieve it's objectives. Blackstar can assist with building a clear and deep understanding of the range of processes, how they function, and how to manage them to ensure operational success. Blackstar has designed a number of sophisticated management systems, one of which was described as amongst the top 3 of any company nationally, by a senior EQA auditor.

Business Intelligence

Blackstar can implement a number of frameworks, technologies and systems to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. These systems interpret aggregate data and produce real-time analytical information. Applied to both the operational and financial performance of the business, this enables managers to make better decisions, review performance and provides a method to extract value from existing systems.

Our Team

Derek Dalton

Procurement Specialist

Derek graduated from UL with an International Insurance degree, and went on to be elected an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute while working with a number of non-life insurers. Derek progressed to the logistics industry, designing and implementing supply-chain management solutions for numerous blue-chip clients. Derek specialises in tender management and public procurement, having developed these skills over the previous ten years successfully working on both public and private sector contracts. He has identified and successfully tendered for substantial public procurement contracts under a variety of differing procurement methods including single stage, two-stage, partnered and framework contracts.

John Paul Kelly

Solutions Specialist

John Paul studied Applied Mathematics in UL, prior to entering the logistics industry in 1999. In the intervening period, he has developed a broad range of skills, specifically in the areas of IT management, quality control and the delivery of bespoke solutions. JP has managed the design, development and implementation of two best-of-breed warehouse management systems, which are tasked with managing up to 90,000 pallets at any given time. He is responsible for delivering ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, AEO certification, and the ongoing compliance with HPRA and GDP requirements. Working within the private sector, JP has also designed and delivered highly successful tailored logistics solutions for numerous global companies.

Tom Mullally

Operations Manager

Tom completed his studies in Production Engineering in Waterford Institute of Technology before being introduced to the Medical Device Industry where he gained a thorough knowledge of quality standards, operational processes and efficiency gains within the manufacturing industry. Tom then broadened his knowledge base by moving to the Records Management Industry where he worked predominately with public and private bodies and developed a broad range of skills from Quality Control, Project Management, Customer Service and Transport Management. Tom has delivered ISO9001:2008 accreditation, HPRA, GxP standards within the organisations he has worked with to date.

Our Latest Projects

Our latest projects involved tendering for an automated customs clearance solution, a 120,000 sq ft build-to-suit logistics facility and a 9,000 sq ft custom designed training facility. Blackstar also managed an extensive tender process to design, produce and deliver a towing management solution across a large geographically area.

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Tender Production

Company timeline

  • 2021
  • Partnerships

    The company is also pursuing a number of strategic partnerships in specific business sectors to diversify its service offering.

  • Sales Pipeline

    In 2020, the company submitted a broad range of tenders including proposals for two purpose built logistics facilities. Blackstar continues to pursue similar opportunities in conjunction with a substantial sales pipeline of pre-identified tender opportunities.

  • Contract Success

    Blackstar was successful in a number of its initial tender submissions and many of company's early years were dedicated to designing and implementing management systems to ensure the operational success of the contracts secured.

  • Incorporation

    Blackstar commenced trading in Q1 2014. In the initial 12 months of trading, the company identified 7 tenders falling within its selection criteria and the company actively pursued these opportunities.

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